Automated Precision Measurement Systems

The Excel Multisensor Measuring Centers employ new technologies to provide high speed and accuracy on reliable and affordable measurement systems.

In addition to Vision capabilities, an Excel offers Touch Probe and Laser measurement capabilities. Touch Probe capabilities improve 3D measurement capabilities. Laser capabilities improve speed for scanning and Z height measurements.

With the multisensor capabilities, advanced digital and optic zoom, proprietary edge detection, and InSpec Metrologoy Software, the Excel Measuring Centers can handle demanding measurement applications.

The gantry style system accomodates large parts and fixtures of multiple parts while maintaining a relatively small footprint. The Excel series of machines measures parts up to 2.5 meters long and up to 100kg in weight.

Excel Overview


  • Digital, High Resolution Video, Color (C series)
  • Digital, High Resolution Video, B&W (M series)
  • 36:1 Zoom Range, ~15x-540x (U series)
  • Fast servo drive magnification changes
  • Instant digital magnification changes

Advanced Illumination

  • Lighting – Surface, Profile and Axial
  • Multi-Ring, Multi-Sector Ringlights
  • Lighting angles from 25 to 90 degrees
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Full control to enhance detected edges
  • Life long LED’s with an approximate 10k hour lifespan
  • Included custom light calibration interface with InSpec

Inspec Vision Software

  • Maintain machine measurement accuracy
  • Minimizes factors that cause inaccurate measurements
  • Ensures highest accuracy standards for stage and optics automated procedures
  • Machine resident calibrations

Excel Specifications

Model          Measurement Capacity XY Accuracy Z Accuracy Scale


Machine Dimensions
Excel 511 420x520x160 mm 2.8+L/200 2.8+L/100 0.05 µm 1200x1100x1550 mm
Excel 512 420x520x250 mm 3.1+L/200 3.3+L/100 0.05 µm 1200x1100x1650 mm
Excel 701 660x700x160 mm 2.8+L/200 2.8+L/100 0.05 µm 1311x1604x1608 mm
Excel 702 660x700x250 mm 3.1+L/200 3.3+L/100 0.05 µm 1311x1604x1788 mm
Excel 704 660x700x400 mm 3.5+L/200 3.8+L/100 0.05 µm 1311x1604x2088 mm
Excel 901 750x700x160 mm N/A N/A 0.05 µm 1625x1808x1647 mm
Excel 902 750x700x250 mm N/A N/A 0.05 µm 1625x1808x1819 mm
Excel 904 750x700x400 mm N/A N/A 0.05 µm 1625x1808x2119 mm
Excel 1301 1050x1050x160 mm 4.2+L/200 2.8+L/100 0.05 µm 1925x2208x1647 mm
Excel 1302 1050x1050x250 mm 4.5+L/200 3.3+L/100 0.05 µm 1925x2208x1819 mm
Excel 1304 1050x1050x400 mm 5.2+L/200 3.8+L/100 0.05 µm 1925x2208x2119 mm
Excel 1701 1250x1700x160 mm 4.2+L/200 2.8+L/100 0.05 µm 2125x2608x1647 mm
Excel 1702 1250x1700x250 mm 4.5+L/200 3.3+L/100 0.05 µm 2125x2608x1819 mm
Excel 1704 1250x1700x400 mm 5.2+L/200 3.8+L/100 0.05 µm 2125x2608x2119 mm
Excel 2500 1600x2560x160 mm N/A N/A 0.05 µm 2470x3470x1972 mm

Automated Product Accessories

Touch Probe

  • Automated probe calibrations
  • Automatic approach vectoring
  • Automated docking



  • Point & Path data
  • Graphical range display
  • Automated laser calibrations


Rotary Indexer

  • Vertical & horizontal mount
  • Faceplate & chuck included
  • Automated rotary calibration


Machine Stand

  • Ideal for both shop & lab environments
  • Portable with heavy casters
  • Adjustable leveling machine feet

Vision Fixturing

  • The Quick-Load Corner is fast & repeatable
  • Made to hold virtually anything
  • Multiple fixture plates saves time



  • Prolink QC-CALC Real Time
  • Automated data collection with Micro-Vu
  • Live trending & reporting