QC-CALC SPC Software

QC-CALC Real-Time

QC-CALC Real-Time is used to collect and display measurement results from all CMMs and Video CMMs, without operator intervention. You can create reports and export data to spreadsheets, databases, and other SPC programs. This means you can transfer data from all of your measurement devices to any SPC package using one program!

This is the first program to provide one interface for all machines and one interface for all outputs. Our goal is to make your data collection seamless no matter what equipment you’ve purchased or software you use.


QC-CALC SPC is a complete SPC package that analyzes the data collected by QC-CALC Real-Time. Use QC-CALC SPC’s charts and reports to constantly monitor your process and keep it in control.

QC-CALC SPC offers a wide variety of charts and functions to aid your analysis and give you the power to make on-the-spot decisions. In seconds, QC-CALC SPC gives you a precise picture of how your production line is performing with easy-to-use menus.

Group data from multiple sources, filter it, monitor the shop floor, and run charts with a couple clicks.


CMM-Manager is a task-oriented, highly intuitive 3D metrology software package for vision, manual, and CNC coordinate measuring machines. It is a fully integrated environment featuring walk-in quick-measure, one-click CAD-measure, collision-free CAD-teach, virtual simulation, real-time verification, advanced path planning, vision / optical measurement tools, lighting control,CAD alignment, datum alignment and many more smart functions. Object oriented interface allows easy program creation without seeing complex text programming language.

CMM-Manager also offers flexible yet easy-to-use functionalities, including graphical probe configuration management, automatic tip calibration, cross section scanning and group feature measurement. Simplify your metrology tasks through our intuitive yet powerful software.

Plug-n-Play Upgrades
CMM-Manager will upgrade most new and used CMM’s using existing hardware and is Windows 7 thru 10 compliant while supporting legacy Windows systems back to XP. A zero hardware retrofit is achieved with CMM-Manager, directly interfacing to CMM controller via serial, USB, Ethernet, GPIB, PCI / ISA expansion cards, WiFi and more. CMM-Manager supports probing systems including Renishaw PH20, SP25, TP20/2, Zeiss RDS, ST, TesaStar, USB and composite cameras, Nikon iNexiv vision, and more. For manual CMM’s if a plug-n-play interface is not available, a USB interface / retrofit can be provided that will work with any metrology equipment.


Sheffield1 MP / SMP Mitutoyo
Brown & Sharpe1 DEA1
Zeiss LK / Metris
Starrett Numerex
Helmel Leitz1
Wenzel Renishaw
I++ Deva DCC
Nikon iNexiv


FARO Arm Romer Arm1
MCA Arm MCA II / X Arm
Sheffield1 Brown & Sharpe1
Mitutoyo Renishaw UCC
Insight USB Helmel USB
Numerex K-CMM / Krypton
I-Probe / iGPS Baces3D Arm
MicroScribe Arm

Metrolog X4

Make 3D inspection more powerful with Metrolog X4

Real performance accelerator for your 3D measuring devices, Metrolog X4 is the latest evolution of the famous 3D inspection software Metrolog XG.
The new Metrolog X4 architecture is designed not only to benefit from current computer and OS technologies (Windows 64-bit, and multiprocessor PCs) that significantly increase the performances and throughput of your Metrology software, but is also aimed at simplifying your day-to-day measurement work. Metrolog X4 is a perfect Point Cloud software able to analyze large data size.

➜ High Performances in Point Cloud analysis: Large Data file import (CAD files, Point clouds, …)

➜ Optimal Interface: Usage easiness

➜ Compatibility Connectivity: All Devices Supported

➜ Dynamicity: Automatic Re-computation – No need to remeasure

➜ Enhanced Analysis: Best in Class GD&T and Reporting

➜ Best 3D Point Cloud Analysis module

Reaction Manager

Reaction Plan Manager (RPM) from Prolink provides productivity tools to reduce complex measurement information into step-by-step machine adjustments. Deciding how to react to a broken or shifted process is critical. Part size and statistical reports may indicate the process has drifted but knowing what adjustments are required is difficult. By using RPM, you combine measurement data with engineering knowledge to analyze the process in real-time and provide specific instructions to fix the process.


We supply digital readout units and encoders from Heidenhain and Acu-rite. Please contact us for more information.