Zeiss Contura G2 10.12.6


Technical Specifications

Measurement Range: 1000mm x 1200mm x 600 mm

Stage Capacity: 2535lbs/1150kg

Machine Weight: 1278kg

Dimensions: 2060mm x 1743mm x 2800mm

Sensor: VAST XT Gold

Key Features

– Probe Changing Rack

– Fully Automated

– Granite table provides a secure surface for your parts.

– Ceramic guideway technology offers stability against temperature changes, moisture, etc.

– All 3 axes have 4-sided air bearings for support.

– Emergency Stop, and Start, Run, and Reset switches.

– Computer-aided error correction of the kinematics for very accurate result.

– Equipped with C99 Controller and Zeiss Scanning Engine, ready for active scanning.