Micro-Vu InSpec

Software Installation and Upgrade

Before you begin
  • Ensure you have full administrator rights on the computer you will be installing InSpec on. If you are unsure about this, contact your company’s IT department for assistance.

Warning: Proceeding without admin rights may result in a failed installation/corruption of files.

  • Back up your calibration data folder. For Windows 7+, this can be done by navigating to C:ProgramData in File Explorer and copying the entire Micro-Vu Corporation folder. Store the copy somewhere safe such as a USB drive.
Calibration data location
Step 1

Right-click on the installation file you were provided (ex. InSpec 2.97.7.exe), and choose Run as administrator.

You may see a User Account Control window appear which will ask you to confirm that you want to run the program. Choose Yes to continue the installation.

You may also be required to enter the username and password of an admin account during this step in order to continue.

Right-click and choose
Run as administrator
Step 2

Click the Extract button and wait for all files to be extracted to a temporary location.

Ensure there is a check in the box next to Run Inspec Installation then click the Finish button to start the installation.

Extracting files
Click Finish
Step 3

Click the Install button.

If you are asked if you want to completely remove the selected application and all of its features, choose Yes. Your previous version of InSpec will be removed before the new version is installed.

When the previous version is done uninstalling, click the Finish button.

Click Install
Click Yes
Click Finish
Step 4

Click the Install button again.

Click Next.

Enter a User Name and Company Name then click Next.

Click Install
Click Next
Enter User and Company Name
Step 5

Select Machine:

  • Excel/Vertex – Select this if you have an Excel machine or if your Vertex model is NOT 251, 311 or 312.
  • Vertex 251/311/312 – Choose this if you have one of these Vertex models.
  • Sol – Choose this if you have a Sol.
  • Vector/Matrix/Spectra (Manual MI-100) – Choose this if you have one of these machines.

If you are not sure which machine/model you have, please contact us for assistance.

Click Next to continue.

Select Machine
Excel/Vertex only

If you select the first option and click Next, you will be asked to select a Framegrabber. The option you choose here will depend on how your computer is set up.

  • Matrox CronosPlus – Select this option if you have a large 25-pin connector plugged into the back of your computer.
  • TIS DFG/USB2Pro – Select this option if you have a USB cable plugged into the back of your computer. This USB cable will be coming from a small black box.

Click Next to continue.

25-pin or USB
Step 6

At the Choose Destination screen, click Next.

Click Next again to start copying files.

During this process, you may be asked if you want to install device software. Choose Install when prompted.

Click Next
Click Next
Step 7

When the program is done installing, click Finish.

Click Exit to close the installer.

Click Finish
Click Exit
Step 8 – Confirm your calibration data

Launch the InSpec software and select Machine then View Calibration Results.

In the Calibration Results window, click through each tab and confirm that all of your calibration data is present.

If there is no data present, close InSpec then simply copy the backup we made earlier and paste it into C:ProgramData. Reopen InSpec and confirm that the calibration data exists.

View Calibration Results
Confirm calibration data exists