Industrial measuring technology from ZEISS is a well-balanced system: from the measuring machine, to the sensors and software, all the way up to service. All single components, as well as the entire system are designed to deliver the best possible results as quickly as possible.

Materials and design

Regarding the choice of material and design, bridge-type measuring machines from ZEISS are known for
• their dynamic rigidity
• the low weight of the moving parts
• their insulation against ambient influences
Dynamic rigidity is the key to meeting high precision requirements with the high speeds achieved during scanning operations. Temperature and vibration insulation, as well as protective covers enable installation near production, thus eliminating the time-consuming trip to the measuring lab.

Multi-sensor system

ZEISS offers an extensive line of sensors that work optimally with the measuring machines and software from ZEISS. The right sensor or sensor system is available for any application and any demand. The multi-application sensor system (mass) enables maximum flexibility. mass enables the highly precise operation of all sensors (sensors with an articulating probe holder or fixed stylus configurations, optical or contact, passive or active) on one measuring machine.

Scanning technology

ZEISS invented contact scanning and is still setting milestones in scanning technology:
• Active scanning to make scanning faster and more precise. Furthermore, unknown contours can be scanned
• navigator technology features automatically optimized scanning speeds, tangential approach, helix scanning and dynamic stylus calibration. Benefit: faster programming, calibration and scanning
• FlyScan allows you to “fly” over interrupted contours – for considerably shorter programming and measuring times


Software from ZEISS stands for efficiency and performance in industrial metrology. ZEISS CALYPSO, ZEISS HOLOS and ZEISS CALIGO allow you to quickly and intuitively complete all your measuring tasks. This software, which harmonizes perfectly with our bridge-type measuring machines, saves time while programming, measuring and analyzing. Additional software products for offline programming, automation, measuring lab management and quality data management ensure that you have powerful tools at your disposal.

Stylus configurations

The active VAST scanning probes from ZEISS lay the foundation for the use of very long and heavy stylus configurations: styli up to 450 mm with a total weight of up to 600 g. Such long styli make it possible to scan deep features without taking up a lot of time. Moreover, complex stylus configurations with differently arranged styli can be used. Stylus change-outs are avoided; the measuring time for complex parts reduced. Stylus configurations tailored to your application are available from ZEISS Service & Support.


Microgage Series

Until Microgage, the cost of this level of 3D precision has been 3 to 10 times higher, and the choices have been limited to much larger machines.  The need for the highest precision is often found in the smallest parts, yet there has been no choice but to buy a relatively huge CMM for these tasks, wasting money and valuable floor space.

The Helmel Microgage is modeled on the World’s most precise machine tools, having a rigid fixed bridge design made of steel.  And like machine tools, the mechanical bearings and guide ways, along with motors and scales, are covered and protected for durability, stability, and life-long value.  Bearings are classified within 120 nanometers in X and Y, and the entire structure is stress-relieved and thermally shielded inside and out, as well as vibration dampened.  Accuracy is intrinsic: there is no software error correction, just pure physical precision.  If high precision in small and medium sized parts is your game, Microgage is the answer made simple, whether in the lab or for production.  In a world going micro, the Microgage

Checkmaster Series

The compact Checkmaster is a bench top CMM ideal for lab or production floor.  Hardened stainless steel ways and steel scales on steel structures offer uniform linear expansion minimizing thermal errors.  The low cost means you can put competent inspection capability in multiple locations throughout your plant.

Helmel tests every CMM before it leaves the factory for repeatability and accuracy, that meets or exceeds the industry standards as defined in ANSI B89.4.1a-1998.  The testing includes a repeatability test that exceed a minimum of 150 cycles, often recording a total range of 2.0 µm (0.00008?) or better!  These stringent targets are maintained without the need for expensive software compensation maps.  The goal is to build the CMM mechanically correct that will deliver the results you expect, year-after-year.

Phoenix Series 

The Phoenix line of CMM’s offers two popular sizes to fit your quality inspection needs.

Building on decades of experience with shop floor Coordinate Measuring Machines, Helmel now offers the Phoenix… a heavy-duty, DCC version of its popular Checkmaster benchtop manual CMM’s.  The Phoenix is made for harsh environments, with well-placed covers that prevent temperature shock. Its steel measuring scales on metal structures assure uniform expansion.

The Phoenix CMM incorporates hardened precision-ground ways, dual beam bridge with reliable V-and-Flat bearing arrangement and intrinsic accuracy.  The latter is very important to reliably retain accuracy over time and reduce calibration cost.  The Phoenix comes equipped with a full granite base and ergonomic stand.

Microstar Series 

The Microstar series of CMM’s covers a wider size range from medium to large.  These versatile units can be used in the lab or in the shop.  The ways, bearings, scales and motors are enclosed or protected against harsh environments.  All are available in manual or DCC, with several levels of software.

The Microstar is built on a substantial granite base for stability.  The moving bridge construction provides the greatest flexibility, accuracy and structural integrity at a reasonable price.  The design emphasizes powerful bearing ratios together with Helmel’s tradition of precision mechanical bearing movement on hardened and ground steel ways. You do not need an air supply!  Straight and square construction ensures intrinsic mechanical accuracy without reliance on volumetric error correcting software tricks.  This makes calibration simple and saves you money in the future.

Nikon MCAx

The MCAx Manual Coordinate measuring Arm is a precise, reliable and easy-to-use portable 7-axis measuring arm. It is the perfect partner for the ModelMaker MMDx digital handheld laser scanners and Focus Handheld scanning and inspection software. This total solution’s accuracy, capability and portability make it feel perfectly at home in the metrology lab, on the shop floor and in-the-field. Learn more…



Thanks to the most advanced laser scanner technology, the LC15Dx is closing the gap with tactile probe accuracy. In tests comparable to ISO 10360 the LC15Dx achieved the accuracy expected when using a CMM with a tactile probe. Learn more…

Laser Design, Inc.

XLP Laser Scanners 250, 500, 1000
The XLP laser scanners are able to scan diverse surface materials without any special coatings, is up to 50% more accurate, up to 70% faster scan rate, and up to 30% higher resolution. Learn more…