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 Surface Texture Gages, Manufactured by Precision Devices Incorporated for Shop Floor and Inspection Room Applications.

 Analog Surfometer Systems

SURFOMETER® SYSTEM 3 is a skidless measuring instrument designed to check the roughness average for small, difficult-reach surfaces.  The motor drive is mounted on a granite base to minimize vibration and to provide a level, stable surface for locating the work piece.

SURFOMETER® SYSTEM 1 is a skid-referenced instrument for measuring Ra (roughness average).  The analog system continuously averages the Ra value over the selected tracing length.

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   Digital Surfometer Systems

Always at the forefront of technological development in surface measurement systems, PDI introduces the completely new modular Series 400.  All 400 series models utilize the same basic hardware, with model differences determined by the software installed, style of tracer and optional plotter. 

Starting with a basic Ra (Roughness Average) system, the units may be upgraded for future needs by simply adding parameter modules.  Simplicity is also inherent in the operation of the instrument, with prompts to guide the operator as the system gathers data, calculates the results and automatically displays the selected parameter, cutoff and system settings.  The vacuum fluorescent display is bright and has a wide viewing angle, making it easy to read from any position.

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   Surface Profile MicroAnalyzer 2000                         

The MicroAnalyzer 2000 is a total profiling system designed for detailed surface texture analysis.  Being a computer-based system, the MicroAnalyzer 2000 is capable of meeting your current and future surface texture requirements.  The system offers the high accuracy of an optical flat reference combined with the most advanced surface texture profiling software available.  The profiling software operates under Microsoft Windows, providing a system with great flexibility that is easy to use.

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