Surface, contour and form measuring machines

ZEISS works with Japanese measuring machine manufacturer ACCRETECH, the leading provider in the field of surface, contour and form measuring machines. Form and surface measuring systems seamlessly integrate into the range of industrial measuring technology from ZEISS. This partnership ensures that our customers have a global service network.


The highly accurate rotary table machines and spindle form testers of the RONDCOM series can be used in many areas: production, measuring room and calibration lab.

Contour and surface measuring machines

The contour and surface measuring machines from ZEISS offer different, sometimes combinable sensors for roughness measurements, contour measurements or both. The contact-free linear drive makes these machines highly efficient and low-maintenance.

Mobile surface measuring

The mobile surface measuring instruments and analysis units from ZEISS are robust and easy to use. They are suitable for non-transportable workpieces.

Combined machines

Three in one: form tester with integrated contour and surface measuring machine