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Vision Machine Fixturing
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Universal Part Holding Fixtures for Optical Comparators and Vision Machines

Vision Machine Fixturing 

The R&R Quick-Load Corner (QLC) vision fixture is a fast, repeatable way to fixture parts for inspection consistently each and every time, increasing productivity and accuracy. QLC’s will vary in size and shape depending on the vision machine they are made to fit. QLC’s and plates are made with dowel pins and magnets that snap together to repeatably position the plate into the corner of the QLC.

Made to Hold Virtually Anything-With the fixture plates multiple holes and various components, the QLC vision fixture kit has the versatility to hold anything you may need to inspect while using minimum contact or force on the part.

Vision Fixture Kits

Our comprehensive vision fixture kits are for holding steel, aluminum, plastic and other ferrous and nonferrous parts. Each kit includes an acrylic base plate with either M4 or 1/4-20 threaded holes and a complete kit of components.

More Options- Choose the thread and plate size that best fits your stage or fixturing application along with our small or medium component kit. Components and plates can also be purchased separately with more fixturing components to choose from than any other company.

Vision Fixture Plates

Choose from either an acrylic Multi-Window or Multi-Hole Vision plate, with an alpha-numeric labeled grid pattern to enable the user to set parts up the same way each and every time that part is inspected. Plates are designed to accommodate many parts at one time and come in different sizes to fit within your stage. An M4 thread size is recommended for parts that are 75mm x 75mm (3" x 3") or smaller.

Hold and View the Smallest of Parts- Our small fixturing components used in a tight circumference allow for complete viewing access of the part without covering up any critical features on the part whether you are checking the part with your touch probe or multi-sensor machine.

Interchangeable Vision Fixtures
The anodize aluminum frame which includes your choice of either modular or custom acrylic base plates are made to fit your specific vision machines, ideal for machines 400 x 400 or larger (allowing for the mounting of your probe rack and calibration artifacts, as needed).
Quickly Load and Unload- plates into the frame in a repeatable position each time. Ideal for multiple users or parts that will be inspected over and over again for easy and efficient turnkey fixturing applications.

Vision Custom Fixtures

Our experience with backlighting and touch probes enables us to design and build fixtures that will be correct first time. Let our years of experience and knowledge in the metrology field create a fixture for your specific needs. When it comes to accessing the part in the most efficient way, without over-fixturing the part, our expertise shows.

Customer focused and quality driven-Expect more from us. We are continuously changing to meet our customers' needs and demands - enhancing their productivity and profitability.

CMM & Vision Fixture Components

R&R Fixtures has the largest selection of modular precision fixturing components available for your CMM, vision system or multi-sensor machine application in English and Metric thread sizes.  Choose from either ¼-20, M4, M8 or M12 threaded components.        

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