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SPC Software from ProLink for CMMs, Vision Systems, Optical Comparators and Electronic Hand Gages


ProLink SPC Software 

ProLink Corporation offers automated data collection and quality analysis solutions for both small and large companies.  They started in the shop and continue to support small business by providing inexpensive products that are easy to implement and maintain.  For larger customers, they have added more corporate level reporting to allow more rolled up reporting across plants, etc.   The following is a list of the various products and how each fits into the big picture within your organization.

Enterprise Report Scheduler

The Enterprise Report Scheduler provides high-level summary reporting at the factory or corporate level.  Reports can be scheduled at regular intervals to compare the quality capability across departments, plants, and multiple locations.


QC-CALC SPC is a comprehensive statistical process control application designed to monitor, manage, analyze, and report the results of your inspection data right from your desktop.

SPC Office Buddy

Although QC-CALC SPC is the main QA analysis tool, the SPC Office Buddy provides a fast and easy method of moving your data directly into Minitab®, JMP®, and Excel.  Integrating with external programs allows employees to leverage existing software purchases and streamlines acceptance within your organization.

QC-CALC Real-Time

QC-CALC Real-Time is at the heart of Prolink’s software suite since it is the central hub of all data collection.  This standalone program is required by most companies since it collects, analyzes, and reports the inspection results.

Reaction Plan Manager

This ground breaking software package provides productivity tools beyond SPC.  It allows you to combine measurement data with engineering knowledge to produce very specific operator instructions used for machine adjustments.


GageStation (QC-Gage) is designed to collect inspection data directly from electronic gages or operator typed values.

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