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Coordinate Measuring Machine Probe Heads From Renishaw
  Manual probe heads for your CMM  

A versatile range of probe mountings featuring fixed or adjustable operation

A manual head gives a manual machine the added capability of probe reorientation, allowing the probe to address the surface at the best angle to get the most accurate result. Choose from a range of indexing or continuously-variable heads.

Probe heads that allow manual CMM users to reorientate their probes

If a manual machine has been chosen then fitting a system that allows the probe tip to be orientated to inspect a wider range of complex features can not only dramatically reduce the total cycle time but enables more complex feature measurement to be undertaken.

The choice of probe head (the part of the system that connects the probe to the CMM's quill) is between those which can be repeatably indexed, or those which have to be re-qualified each time the probe is adjusted to a new position. The use of repeatable heads enables all probe tip positions for a full part inspection cycle to be pre-qualified, enabling the operator to return to those positions within 2µm during the actual measuring routine.

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Motorized probe heads for your CMM 

Controlled indexing and servo positioning heads for flexible and precision re-orientation

A motorized head gives a DCC machine the added capability of probe reorientation, allowing the probe to inspect features at the optimum angle, considering access requirements and probing best practice.

Motorized probe heads give CMM users great flexibility

Motorized indexing heads, such as Renishaw's PH10 range, enable the probe to be orientated to 720 repeatable positions. Combined with extension bars of up to 300mm, they give accessibility to the most difficult-to-reach workpiece features.

The PHS1 servo positioning head features continuous servo drive in 2 axes, enabling the probe configuration to be positioned at almost any angle. It is designed to meet the arduous requirements of 'body-in-white' measurement, where fine angular position and long reach are needed.

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