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 Surface Geometry gages, manufactured by Precision Devices Incorporated for Inspection Room applications.

 IndiRon GT

Components of the IndiRon GT are a portable bench top unit, including precision spindle, mounted on a 16" x 20" granite surface plate, constant 4 RPM motor drive, Type CT 8 Centering Table (2-axis non-tilt).

The system's versatile 18" height stand permits easy measurement of part features, and a high quality granite surface plate provides an accurate datum around an 8" centering table.

Ball spindle accuracy of +/- 2.5 micro inches (0.063 microns) both radially and axially with a coning effect of 1 micro inch per inch (0.025 microns)

Powered by PDI's Roundness software the instrument will measure out-of-roundness by four different methods as described by ASME B89 National Standard.

• Minimum Radial Separation (MRS)
• Least Squares Center (LSC)            
• Minimum Circumscribed Circle (MCC)
• Maximum Inscribed Circle (MIC)

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   IndiRon 100 Radial Measurement

A very rigid console with a large surface plate and gage stand permits increased versatility, accuracy, and capacity over the portable bench type systems.  This is the ideal system for fixed inspection, production, or metrology locations.  Special models are available with weight capacities up to 1000 pounds; spindle accuracies to ±1 millionth of an inch, and full mini-computer measurement assist and data reduction capabilities.  The Universal Li near Slide may be added to check cylindricity, surface squareness or flatness characteristics.

The PDI Roundness software measures the out-of-roundness of machined cylindrical parts as set forth in the Measurement of Out-of-Roundness standard (ANSI B89.3.1-1972).  It also enables the measurement of other form-related characteristics of a part such as the following:

• Eccentricity
• Concentricity            
• Squareness
• Axial Alignment            
• Parallelism of Faces
• Flatness of Faces            
• Variation in Wall Thickness

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