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CMM Fixturing
R&R Fixturing
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Universal Part Holding Fixtures for Coordinate Measuring Machines

CMM Fixturing 

To be competitive in today’s ever changing world, with innovation and new technology constantly evolving, companies need to inspect more and more parts with shorter lead times while still maintaining the highest quality standards without spending a lot of money. The modular R&R Fixture is quick, easy to use, and flexible enough to hold all your different parts.

Decrease Inspection Cost- while improving productivity. The fixture will also help improve the accuracy of your part inspections…no more wasting time and money on traditional fixturing methods.

CMM Fixture Kits
Our CMM comprehensive fixture kits are for holding steel, aluminum, plastic and other ferrous and nonferrous parts. Each kit includes a base plate with either 1/4-20, M4, M8 or M12
threaded holes and a complete kit of components.

More Options- Choose the thread and plate size that best fits your CMM or fixturing application along with our small, medium or large component kits. Components and plates can also be purchased separately with more fixturing components to choose from than any other company.

CMM Plates

Our base plates have been engineered out of cast aluminum with a hard coat anodize coating called Ni-Tuff™. With its Teflon makeup and extra penetration of the hard coat it has proven to be more durable and to resist scratches. Base plates can also be made of steel with a black oxide finish. Plates are available in sizes from 6" x 6" (150mm x 150mm) up to 60" x 120" (1500mm x 3000mm) in a single fixture plate.

Easy Installation- If needed mounting holes are included for attaching the R&R Fixture base plate to your CMM. A drawing will be provided from R&R showing the exact location of the fixture base plate on your specific CMM as well as the mounting hole positions.

CMM Fixturing Tables

No matter the shape, size or type of part, the R&R fixture XTension table offers the flexibility for fixturing a part with the use of any portable CMM, white light or laser system.

Rigid Construction- of the table provides a place to mount the portable measuring device and fixture parts on, at one low cost. The tables fixturing plate can also be ordered with a black anodize finish to minimize reflections from optical work surfaces and come in many sizes to fit all your needs.

CMM Xtensions

XTensions are simply an inexpensive way to fixture parts that are large or need to be held vertically on a CMM. They are aluminum extrusions that are used along with the R&R fixtures components for building a setup vertically or creating a support structure to fixture a part. Setup is simple with minimal tools needed to produce a rigid and accurate fixture with unrestricted probe paths.

Specifically Designed to Fit Your Application-Let us build a fixture or frame for holding your parts. Supply us with your part or CAD files and we will design and build a fixture so you're ready to start programming as soon as you receive it.

CMM Custom Fixtures

When your application calls for something more specialized, we can provide you with custom fixtures. Our in-house engineering staff will design a fixture for you from concept to build.

Knowledge and Experience counts-Our experience with CMM probing systems enable us to design and build fixtures that will allow for probe clearances and accessing the part in the most efficient way without over-fixturing the part. We can design and build fixtures to hold a single part or multiple parts at one time within a quick time frame so there is very little down time.

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