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CMM Manager by Nikon is a Full-featured Metrology Software for Manual, CNC and Portable CMMs

Nikon CMM-Manager 

CMM-Manager is a task-oriented, highly intuitive measurement software for tactile measurements using manual, CNC and portable CMMs. It is a fully integrated CMM measurement environment supporting walk-in quick-measure, one-click CAD-measure, collision-free CAD-teach, virtual simulation, real-time verification, advanced path planning, CAD alignment and Datum alignment.

CMM-Manager also offers you flexible yet easy-to-use functionalities, including graphical probe configuration management, automatic tip calibration, cross section scanning and hole pattern measurement.

Features include:

  • Walk-in Measurement
  • Graphical Dimensioning
  • Web Ready Reports
  • True Click-n-Measure Capability
  • Iconized Part Program Representation
  • CAD-based Graphical Programming
  • Graphics Assisted Tolerance Reporting
  • Drag-n-Drop Graphical Report Creation
  • Cross Section & Free form Surface Scanning
  • Automatic Probing Angle Selection (DCC Machines Only with Motorized Probe Head)
  • Automatic Collision Avoidance (DCC Machines Only)
  • Iterative Datum Alignment for Soft Fixturing

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